Sustainable fashion directory interview

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"What is your company’s mission?

We offer clothing made with transparency! The ethos of Rozenbroek is to provide the consumer a new, ethical option whilst focusing on the wellbeing of the planet. Offering a new and smarter way to shop whilst continually trying to improve our product and environmental impact. To make a progressive change whilst ensuring the products produced are durable and desirable. All products are made to order to minimise waste. We aim to educate the customer into smarter shopping and garment care alternatives and create sustainable male shoppers. At the end of the products life cycle, Rozenbroek offers a repair or recycle service to ensure garments do not go to landfill as most of the markets clothing currently does."


As featured in WWD

A sustainable luxury brand called Rozenbroek showed its second collection at Tranoi, based on creations meant to last.

“We offer a repair service throughout the garment’s life cycle, and at the end of the product’s lifecycle, we’ll repair it, or reuse the trimmings or recycle the fabrics,”

said designer Jade Rozenbroek, who started the line after feeling disillusioned with the amount of waste and the quality of production at large luxury houses, where she worked in the past.